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Explaining 300dpi

We want you to be happy with your printing, so if you are supplying image files as either a jpeg or tiff, we recommend they are saved at 300dpi. Not sure how to do it? Then follow the instructions below:

What is 300dpi?

Everything we print is printed at 300 dots per inch (300dpi, this enables us to print a quality product, where the text, images and graphics are sharp and you can see any details. A home printer tends to print at 150dpi and most screens are 72dpi, therefore to ensure anything we print for you looks as good as you are expecting, if supplying a file as a jpeg or tiff we recommend it is supplied as 300dpi at the final document size, allowing for bleed if necessary.

Creating a new file in Photoshop

If you are creating a new file in Photoshop we recommend you starting following these instructions.
Create a new document and make the size slightly larger than A4 (216 x 303mm) at 300dpi, with the color mode of CMYK, this will allow for bleed.

example 300 dpi CMYK set up

We have an A4 and an A5 template you can download with these dimensions, at the bottom of the page.

It includes guidelines, that allow for bleed and a safe area. It might be helpful to read our explanation of bleed and safe area, but in short, please ensure that any crucial information should be placed within the safe area. You have have larger margins, which always helps with a design.

Using our Templates with an existing file

You can use our templates by transferring all your photos and text from your original file and then reposition accordingly. Whatever you view on screen at 100% will give you a fair representation of what will print. Care should always be given at not enlarging images to fill a space, because they will become pixelated, but you can reduce them to fill a space. However most mobile phones and cameras nowadays produce large enough images that this is no longer a problem.

Converting an existing file in Photoshop

You may prefer to convert your own file from 72dpi to 300dpi, however you need to ensure you resample it correctly, otherwise the results will not look good.

Select your image size, which can be accessed via from the Image menu

Save as image size

You will see that the resolution is set to 72 Pixels/inch, as per the screenshot below

image size settings 72dpi

You need to change the resolution to 300 Pixels/Inch, however untick the Resample image box (as per image below) – this is the most important part of the process!

change to 300dpi correct

Below are the results showing the difference between unticking and ticking the Resample image box!

Below is how you want it to appear, nice and crisp and clear

300 dpi correct result

Below is how it could appear if you get the dpi settings wrong.300 dpi incorrect result

We think the first one looks much better and will promote your product/service/event much more effectively.

Which one do you prefer?

Download our A4 template file – Photoshop file A4 with bleed

Download our A4 template file – A5 with bleed